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About Basil

Inspired by the teachings of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada, world teacher in the science of simple living based on cow and land economy and high thinking based on spiritual growth, BASIL is the academic wing of ISKCON Bangalore’s rural development programme, Eco Agri Research Foundation.

To state simply, BASIL has been established to disseminate knowledge and provide training in the field of organic and biodynamic farming. ‘We are what we eat,’ as the saying goes. Organic farming plays an important role in making the right kind of food available to society. Since food plays such a vital role in building an individual, it is the responsibility of the farmer to provide society safe and nourishing food. This is an invaluable contribution to build a society with higher consciousness.


To a farming community that has been practising farming methods dependent on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, BASIL aims at providing practical know-how that will inspire, support and help farmers change to safe methods of cultivation. This will help in turn save planet earth that has been ravaged by the reckless use of poison over the last century, rendering billions of hectares arid and infertile. BASIL aims to make the farmer a responsible, respected member of society, who plays significant role in protecting and sustaining our planet and its people.


To a society that has been driven to the edge by the hazards of chemical farming, BASIL aims to present facts about imminent danger to health and life that has been caused by consumption of ‘poison’, in the name of ‘food’, so it may demand safe food. This will, in turn, compel the farmer to convert to safe organic food production, that will make society healthy and disease free.

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